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Topic: Logic6 Pro Update - GPO Issues Fixed !

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    Logic6 Pro Update - GPO Issues Fixed !

    I\'ve stayed away from Logic6 Platinum for quite a while because of the known issues with NI\'s Kontakt Player in Logic: Stuck Notes, and the infamous Graphic User Interface (GUI) bug.

    I just installed the Logic6 Pro Upgrade (6.4.1), running in OSX 10.3.3, and tested an orchestral work in Logic that I had left alone for some months now.

    The good news: No more stuck Notes! And the GUI bug seems also to be gone. The work Gary and NI and eMagic/Apple have been doing seems to have paid off.

    I hope others of you can confirm this good experience with Logic 6.4.1 Pro. Are these things fixed for everybody, or is it just in my particular case?


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    Re: Logic6 Pro Update - GPO Issues Fixed !

    I just ordered GPO on Friday, upgraded ro Logic Pro yesterday, sometime next week I\'ll be able to test it. I was waithing for these things to be fixed and soon as someboby reported last week that GPO works ok with L.Pro, I ordered it. So, I hope, I\'ll
    be the one who never had GUI, stuck-notes problem.
    Anyway, I am new to this forum and so far love it. Probably the main reason for me to buy GPO, besides excellent spects, is that
    you actually have an access to the people that create it. I really, really like that.
    I use Logic since 1988 on ATARI, and was Emagic\'s Beta tester for some time in 1995............what is that has to do with GPO ???
    Sorry :-)

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    Re: Logic6 Pro Update - GPO Issues Fixed !


    I believe I found a workaround for the \"graphic offset bug\" for Logic 6.3 in OS X

    I just follow these steps.

    1. Close out the song first

    2. Quit Logic.

    3. Reboot Logic

    4. I\'ve noticed that when the bug is active, my default song in Logic does not load.If the default song does not load, then select NEW SONG from the file menu.

    5. Once the song loads up, close it immediately and quit out of Logic. (Note: Make sure your default song does not have any active GPO plugins)

    6. Reboot Logic. If your default song boots up, then the bug should be gone.

    Note: I always boot up Logic, then load the song I want to work on. I\'ve always worked this way, so those of your who relocate your current compositions as \"default songs\" may have to set up a second default song with no GPO plugins active.

    I hope this helps.


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