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Topic: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?

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    Re: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?


    Just finished listening, nice string work indeed! I\'m not a horn player and had no problems with the horn line [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ...

    This is very good for a fisrt attempt, I think your area of focus next should be dynamics. As Skysaw said, some more intense mod data on the strings for fades and builds would help add to the realism.

    Good luck on future projects, can\'t wait to hear more music from you.

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    Re: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?

    Hey Eric,

    I enjoyed your creation very much. It\'s hard for me to give criticism, I don\'t know why. I think it\'s because I\'m so worried about what people think about my stuff. I look forward to hearing the finished work after you get through the post phase. Keep up the good work, it sounds like you\'re having a blast.


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    Re: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?

    First demo? Sounds like you\'re pretty damn comfortable with GPO already! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Much to love about this piece.

    - m

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    My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?

    Ok, Here it is. My 1st GPO demo. I have to say that GPO didnt give me instant gratification but I\'m really liking it now. It just takes a bit more work and in a different way than what I am used to. I\'d really appreciate a bit of constructive criticism. Not any of that \"Your mama\'s so this and that\". Just constructive. Hehe. So anyway, It\'s supposed to be a piece for film. A buddy of mine has a couple of screenplays anf I\'m just developing some ideas. Please tell me what you think. Last but not least, Thank you Alan for giving me this web space to make the post. You contribute probably more than anyone on this forum and I appreciate it.

    Eric W Conclusion mp3

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    Re: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?

    Originally posted by eaglehvac:
    Thank you Alan... You contribute probably more than anyone on this forum and I appreciate it.

    Eric W Conclusion mp3
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thanks Eric, I have your piece and will listen as soon as I get home, I\'m at a friend\'s right now and don\'t have any PC speakers or headphones... [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    I look forward to hearing it though!

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    Re: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?

    Nice string work. I have a little trouble with the realism in the horn. I can\'t quite put my finger on it... might be the articulations. I\'m splitting hairs only because I\'m a horn player.

    I think the section from 1:30 to the end is very nice indeed (I\'m a sucker for chromatic mediants [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ). I\'d suggest maybe lowering the level of the high string sustained note, and putting a tiny bit of a fading tale to its end to soften the release.

    It\'s sounding good. Looking forward to more of your work.

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    Re: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?


    Hey man, great job. The string parts are, indeed, suberbly (is that a word?) written and orchestrated.

    I\'ve listened to this several times now and it occurs to me that the difficulty people are having with the horn part may be your articulations. The attack seems a little harsh. Maybe try using the legato feature. It also seems to be a bit dryer than the rest of the orchestra, but that just may be me.

    I think your build up around the one minute mark is excellent, but I have one suggestion, maybe, at that point, change the horn from a soloist to a full unison section. I\'m a sucker for romantic horns melodies, hence my fastination with John Williams. Maybe that\'s the problem with the horn solo, everyone is hearing it as if it were a section and not a solo.

    (I just realize that I say maybe alot!!) [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]
    I don\'t know, just my two cents worth, but a fantastic attempt. I can hardly believe this is your first demo. I am anticipating your next composition.

    Keep up the fantastic work,

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    Re: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?


    Eric sent me a new version of the song and the link is updated for you guys to d/l the new version.


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    Re: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?

    Oh...you left yourself wide open for a sequel didn\'t we. Wonderful voicing with the strings. When a piece of music moves me dead center in the heart, it\'s beautiful!
    What a fantastic journey this is for all of us!
    Outstanding and moving work! *****
    There is more, right?

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    Re: My 1st GPO Demo, Feedback Please?

    Thanks guys. I\'ll work on your suggestions and perhaps I\'ll continue the piece for my eventual (and far in the distance) CD release. Thanks again.

    Eric W

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