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Topic: Some more GPO programs for you

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    Some more GPO programs for you


    Some more GPO from Matteo Bosi - www.alchemystudio.it

    As requested in the GPO forum, here there are the brass overlays programs that play only when the MIDI velocity is more than 92. There are no other changes respect the original in these programs.

    There is also a \"combo section strings\" program, in which i have overlayed the double basses, the celli and violin 1 section to create a program that plays strings in all the applicable octaves. The drawback of these program is that you loose the option to panpot the different strings as you want. I decide arbitrarily to panpot the double basses slightly at right, the violins slightly at left and the celli at the center. The normal GPO programming is mantained.
    I tried to get the smoothest possible transition between the different sections.

    Just unzip the files in a directory of your choice where the other GPO programs are installed.

    Every comment is welcome, and if you need some (simple!) GPO patch don\'t hesitate to contact me!

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    Re: Some more GPO programs for you

    Grande Matteo !!!
    This is really kind of you !!

    During the week-end I had the chance to play a bit with Kontakt. Unfortunately the friend of mine that owns it is not so expert but we have tried to experiment a bit with the short bow string attack.
    As you anticipated it is not easy to make it faster. The best result was obtained reducing the amplifier attack from 26.8 to 24.4 but in this way you loose a bit of realism, so I decided not to procede any further.

    I don\'t want to bother you, but may make you another request ?
    Is it possible for you to build a couple of patches (one velocity crossfaded and the other not) for french horns section with ff overlay ?

    Thank in advance

    Ciao e Grazie

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    Re: Some more GPO programs for you

    you anticipated my request ! The new patch I was requesting are already in the zip!

    Are you looking into a crystal sphere ??


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