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Topic: Midi me this Batman!

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    Midi me this Batman!


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    Re: Midi me this Batman!

    Originally posted by Styxx:
    How do I use Overture with GPO?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The Skipper\'s out, on a 3-hour tour, some such thing, but maybe I can help.

    Start GPO Studio.
    Load up a piano in the first slot.

    Start Overture.
    Create a new file, click the Piano radio button.

    Now you should have an empty page.

    Click GPO (menu item).
    Click Load Sound Set.
    Highlight Piano, and click OK button.

    Now back staring at your empty page.

    Type in a note.
    You should hear a glorious GPO piano.

    Did it work? Look for obvious stuff if this didn\'t work, like speakers on and volume up, etc.

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    Re: Midi me this Batman!

    In order to help you troubleshoot this problem, please tell me, \"Ginger.... or MaryAnne?\". Thank you for calling tech support.

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    Re: Midi me this Batman!

    Why not Ginger AND Maryanne?

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    Re: Midi me this Batman!






    (sorry for the spam... nothing useful)

    - junk

    p.s. *::head explodes::*

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    Re: Midi me this Batman!


    The professor and Marianne (my wife) says to email and we\'ll send you some Overture files and GPO Studio files to make it easy for your 3 hour tour.

    I\'ve been meaning to post these Overture and GPO templates. Soon!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Midi me this Batman!

    i think he (cat stevens) spells his name youssef these days. although i\'ve always preferred the name mustapha myself...as in mustapha beer and quick.


    mick ˇ c

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    Re: Midi me this Batman!

    please tell me, \"Ginger.... or MaryAnne?\"

    Definitely MaryAnne.

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    Re: Midi me this Batman!

    Ginger shared a unique place in entertainment with Marilyn Monroe, who was in part the inspiration for the Ginger character. She played a beautiful woman who allowed herself to act as if she knew she beautiful. Today, there is no such character, fictional or lving. Long live Ginger!

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