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Topic: Mouse Mod Wheel in DP

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    Mouse Mod Wheel in DP

    Gary had asked me to post this and since it may have gotten lost in that 54 reply topic I am re-posting it here -

    Here is how you can create a mouse mod wheel in Digital Performer.

    This will work with all versions prior to 4. I have been a Peformer user since the 80\'s and beta tester of Digital performer in the 90\'s but have not made the switch as of yet to version 4. I don\'t think they have changed it though.

    Here\'s what you do:

    1. Under the \'Windows\' menu go \'Consoles\' then \'New Console\'

    2. Click on the \'I\' and select \'slider\' or \'knob\'

    3. Drag in the white area and make a pot at the desired size.

    4. A window will pop up - this is where you create the parameters of the pot you have just created.

    5. On Top you have two areas \'Source\' and \'Target\'

    6. Under \'Source\' Select \'MIDI\' and your controller beside it - note: This doesn\'t really come into play for the mouse mod wheel but is ness for other re-mappings also you do not need \'only follow source when selected\'

    7. Under \'Target\' Select \'Track\' and select the track you from which you wish to record the modulation data to. You do not need \'Echo data from source to traget\' selected

    8. Make sure the Target has \'Send\' set to Controller and \'Ctrl. #\' set to 1

    9. Min val 0 Max val 127 unles you want that to be different.

    10. Leave \'Slave\' \'Scale\' and \'Positive\' set

    11. Click \'OK\'

    That\'s it! One thing you must remember to do is to uncheck that icon to the right of the \'I\' this is for the edit mode only

    Arm the track you want to record and move the mouse you will send Mod wheel data as well as recording it.

    I\'ll post the pitch bend to mod wheel re-map in the next post.


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    Re: Mouse Mod Wheel in DP

    Now Pitch bend to mod wheel remapping:

    Everything is the same except:

    1. Make sure the controller you are using is set under \"source\' nest to \'MIDI\'

    2. Change the \'Receive\' under \'Source\' to Pitch Bend

    Make sure the \'Echo data from source to target\' is selected as it is ness for this to work.

    Always remember to uncheck the Icon next to the \'I\' as this for edit mode only - then arm the track you wish to record - put DP in record and as you move the pitch bend wheel it will send and record mod wheel data!


    PS This piece was done using the mouse mod wheel so you can get an idea as to how it can perform.


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    Re: Mouse Mod Wheel in DP


    This is great and thanks for posting this. I wonder if you could do this with any other sequencer. I hope you won\'t mind if I post this in the support page on the GPO site.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Mouse Mod Wheel in DP


    It\'s great to spead the word on all this stuff. I have actually been doing that DP thing for years, but am now asking questions about these high end sampling Libs as I am just entering that world of sampling.

    That\'s what it\'s all about, keeping the composer community informed.


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    Re: Mouse Mod Wheel in DP

    one more thing. On DP4 the Consoles menu item is under the Project menu rather than the Windows menu. Otherwise, it all works the same way.

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