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Topic: Winter, Intro-Scherzo-Finale, GPO Adventure

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    Winter, Intro-Scherzo-Finale, GPO Adventure

    I think that the three demos in the Subject are great examples of use of GPO.
    I think we could learn a lot from these demos if the authors are so kind to share with us their midi-files (or better their sequencer projects).
    I\'m particularly curious about some techniques (e.g. the use of portamento by Tom Bishop) and about things I hear on these demos but I\'m not able to reproduce.
    I know I\'m asking a lot......but after analyzing the Join-the-Sith demo cubase project shared on these pages, I realize that this is the best way to learn how to get the maximum from GPO (and also to learn some tricks and techniques about well done orchestrations).

    Thank in advance

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    Re: Winter, Intro-Scherzo-Finale, GPO Adventure

    yes please!!!!

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