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Topic: My first GPO arrangement-Brass Quintet

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    My first GPO arrangement-Brass Quintet

    I just received GPO in the mail last week. I love it!!! I have been practicing with it trying to get it to sound as realistic as I can. I am a brass player, so that\'s where I started to dig in the most. I didn\'t have any brass quintet sheet music to enter but I did have a four part Xmas caroling book sitting on the shelf. I entered the first song almost note for note but then I decided I would do my own arrangements from that point on.

    I ran into a snag because I needed a high G for French horn and I discovered it only goes up to high F. So, I used pitch bend for a couple of notes. Right after the horn hits the extremely high notes, I thought I would put in a little \"spleeah\" (A mistake) right afterwards to help it sound more authentic. Sorry horn players, I will pick on someone else next time. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    This was programmed in Finale and then transferred to Sonar to export as a wav file. (then compressed down to an MP3)

    I used Trp 1 ens. 1, Trp 1 ens. 2, French horn 2 solo, Tenor T-bone ens. 1, Tuba 1 solo.

    Thanks to Gary for such a great program. I can\'t wait to start trying out all the other instruments.

    Cuckoo Xmas Medley for GPO Brass Quintet

    Dave Morehead
    web page

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    Re: My first GPO arrangement-Brass Quintet

    Let me try that again! Let\'s see if this works.

    web page

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    Re: My first GPO arrangement-Brass Quintet

    Nice one Dave!

    As I novice myself, what was your reasoning behind using the ensemble instead of solo samples for the trumepts and trombone?

    Also, and this is purely the corny jazzer in me coming out, I would have loved to have heard a big shake on the last note.


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    Re: My first GPO arrangement-Brass Quintet

    I just loaded some trumpets and went with it. I didn\'t really have a reason.

    I wanted to hear a shake on the last note too but I couldn\'t find a way to make it sound real.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to do a convincing shake for brass?

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    Re: My first GPO arrangement-Brass Quintet

    I\'m in the holiday spirit now!

    I really liked your Christmas medley. Great arranging and some nice writing.

    For being done in Finale you have produced a remarkable demo. There\'s some of the usual notation things and I can\'t help but wonder what this would sound like if it was played in with a keyboard controller.

    You can tell you are a brass player by how entrances were made and by how you phrased. Perhaps some of our GPO brass players can give some pointers on doing a convincing shake.

    Now to start buying Christmas presents.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: My first GPO arrangement-Brass Quintet

    You\'re sellin yourself short. Get out of Finale, or at least, use it as a base, then import your midi into a sequencer (to do MORE than just export to wav!!).

    Sonar is unbelievable. Hook up a lexicon to one of your aux\'s, run your DXi/VST\'s through them, adjust accordingly! But most importantly, before any of this is done, mod-wheel action.

    Very good writing, we\'re dying to hear some more expression though. Don\'t be afraid of the mw! hehe

    - JUnk

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    Re: My first GPO arrangement-Brass Quintet

    I will be incorporating more mod. wheel as I feel more comfortable using it. You guys are right, you just can\'t get the expression you need using Finale alone. The performance sounds very stiff. I have a feeling I will be composing a lot more these days. GPO makes it fun because you can get such musical results without an extraordinary amount of effort/laborious tweaking. Endless possibilities await!!!

    Thanks again Gary and GPO development team.

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    Re: My first GPO arrangement-Brass Quintet

    A very competent arrangement! I do a lot of Christmas medleys for my youth group during the holiday season as well but nothing like this. One thing I always noticed is the stiffness you get by importing from a program like finale. The other guys are right. Get the mod wheel happening and express yourself.
    Apart from that its great! I fell into the shopping spirit as well! But no more snow please!
    Very nice.

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