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Topic: No Mod or Pitch Wheel? Try MFX Key Tweaker for CC#1!

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    No Mod or Pitch Wheel? Try MFX Key Tweaker for CC#1!

    After I released MFX PW-Map here on the Garritan forum, it still wasn\'t enough! \"What about those of us that don\'t have a Mod Wheel *or* a Pitch Wheel? How can *we* send modulation information to GPO?\" So I invented yet *another* way! (for those of you with MFX-capable hosts, at least...)

    MFX Key Tweaker allows you to use a range of keys on your keyboard to act in place of a Mod Wheel in order to let you play instrument-level volume changes without a physical controller knob.

    Add the MFX to the MIDI track that\'s currently taking input and point the output at GPO. MFX Key Tweaker defaults to substituting the key range for the Modulation Wheel (CC#1) to allow for controlling instrument volume level. If you want to use a different key range, use the sliders to adjust it, or use the \"Set Key\" buttons: click it and the next key you press will become your target range endpoint! Note that the endpoints will flip-flop if you try to put the High Key under the Low Key!

    Also, use the CC slider if you want to simulate a different CC controller, and use the value range sliders to put it into a usable range: the possibilities are nigh endless!

    BONUS FEATURE: If you set the endpoint keys to the same note, triggering it will send out a random CC value in the range you specify! Useful? Erm... for certain things, maybe. But what the heck else would you expect a one-key \"note range\" to do for you?

    Remember, the \"control keys\" in your target range will remain in your sequence as a note event until you use \"Apply MIDI Effects\" (or equivalent) command on your track data.

    WARNING: If you use a small key range for mod changes, the difference between steps will be rather \"chunky\" and might not sound too good, depending on the effect that you\'re after. The next coming version of MFX Key Tweaker will include \"morph-speed\" control between controller messages to smooth out these chunks into nice crescendos and diminuendos! (you can see those four disabled sliders at the bottom, waiting for their moment in the sun...)

    That\'s it for now. Thanks to Gary and all you nice forum folks for all the encouragement! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Have fun,
    - m

    (EDIT: oops, forgot to put the download url up top! http://www.TenCrazy.com/ and all: I should put it in my signature...)

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    Re: No Mod or Pitch Wheel? Try MFX Key Tweaker for CC#1!


    You\'re amazing! There are users who have keyboards without wheels (isn\'t that just wrong?) This will be of good use for those folks.

    Brilliant idea to use a range of keys on the keyboard to substitute for a Mod Wheel for volume changes.

    Thanks for writing MFX Key Tweaker and sharing it with us!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: No Mod or Pitch Wheel? Try MFX Key Tweaker for CC#1!

    By the way Gary, since you were asking about DP the other day..this feature(similar) is possible with the DP console thing that guy showed us the other day. You can reassign a range of midi notes to act as the value setter of CC#1

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