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Topic: Rage Angel...read this

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    Rage Angel...read this

    Rage, I just wanted to make sure that you read this so I put your title in the title. I saw another post in which you sounded a bit uninspired from the plethora of great demos. Like Gary said. You will develop skills that have always been within your reach if you stick with this. And what a great thing this forum is. There is such a wealth of knowledge and helpfulness in this forum. For what it\'s worth, I\'m a heating and air technician, not a composer, and I think that my recent demo reflects that. (wait a minute, that doesnt sound so good) Conclusion Demo But anyway, my roots as a musician are just from being in rock bands on and off for a decade and a half. Now I read this forum, ask lots of questions, and go to the Illinois Symphony Orchestra every chance I get just to observe the mechanics of an orchestra and for a booster shot of inspiration. You WILL develop some skills. This whole experience of writing orchestral music really fills a hole in my life. I couldnt imagine what it would be like without having this learning process to look forward to for the rest of my life. So let\'s get busy and write some music. We want to hear what you\'ve got and hopefully help you along the way. Good Luck!!!

    Eric W

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    Re: Rage Angel...read this

    Hi RageAngel,
    I agree 100% with eaglehvac \"You will develop skills that have always been within your reach if you stick with this\".
    Most if not all the people on this forum will tell you the hard time I had starting out using GPO. Now I am a basket case. No No No don\'t listen to me. Actually, everyone here was so helpful to me I can\'t begin to put into words how much I appreciate them. You do as they say and you\'ll be posting some fantastic demos yourself! Don\'t give up on GPO and most of all on us! This is a wonderful tool that Gary Garritan created for anyone with any amount of musicianship to share! Stick with it and ask when you are faced with any problem what so ever. The people I\'ve met are great and most helpful.
    So, sit right back and enjoy!

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    Re: Rage Angel...read this


    Don\'t kid yourself. Throw in the towel. Give up. We are all doomed to failure. ...

    *ahem, What I really mean is, these forums are great. Studying music is greater. Writing music is the best thing in the world (or is it performing the music you wrote, for an audience? Oh shoot, maybe it\'s that... hrmm, maybe they\'re TIED!)

    Okay, you get the idea. You don\'t accomplish anything by giving up.

    - JUNK

    P.S. Good music often helps, as was said, with that \'shot of inspiration.\' Tchaikovsky\'s music (mostly nutcracker stuff) always makes me drop whatever I\'m doing and go to my sequencer/keyboard. Waltz of the Flowers is one such piece~ Good luck man

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    Re: Rage Angel...read this

    Thanx guys. I just noticed a post where Gary said he\'d get some MIDI files and such on some of the demos for study purposes. I was wondering what heating venting and airconditioning was doing in a user\'s name. Anyway, I ain\'t gon\' give up on this thang. I enjoy the forum and I really appreciate your comments.

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