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Topic: Bizzare GPO/SL2 on Mac problem

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    Re: Bizzare GPO/SL2 on Mac problem


    Cheif commander of Club Cubase! There\'s a few things that may be the source of the problem. Give me a call and we\'ll get you runnig better.


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    Bizzare GPO/SL2 on Mac problem

    I\'m assisting an elderly client of mine whom has just purchased GPO to run on a dual 1.25 G4 in Cubase SL2. This is really strange, but when the GPO is loaded, all the Mac keyboard commands are dead! i.e. Enter for play, \"0\" for stop, etc. It\'s definetely only the GPO doing this, so I don\'t know if the problem is with SL itself, the GPO under Jaguar (but it runs fine on my Mac with SX2), or the Konakt Player itself. This is really strange, and I haven\'t been able to come across this problem on any other forum. Any ideas?

    Also, I real surprised at the CPU hit he\'s taking; he\'s got 1.5 gig of RAM, but just loading four or five instruments puts the load at over 50%. The boards seem to suggest that Kontakt overall under OSX is not running very effeciently.



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