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Topic: Saving bug in GPO Studio

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    Saving bug in GPO Studio

    Here\'s an interesting bug. As a shortcut for testing something, I wanted to create a studio setup that just loaded a few instruments instead of loading my big orchestral setup (63 instruments) that would normally take about 12-15 minutes to load.

    In player #8 I loaded a single instrument into slot #7. This is to simulate my normal midi channel tracking. This is the only instrument in this particular player. After saving the file, the next time I opened the file, the instruments did not load! After much experimenting I concluded that there must be an instrument loaded into slot #1 of any player that you want to save the settings for!

    I\'m using GPO Studio v1.11.

    Steve Barden

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    Re: Saving bug in GPO Studio


    I have experienced the same thing even using SONAR. The problem appears to be in the Player. I too have created a template of which includes all instruments in my vitural orchestra. Some voices I will not use in all arrangments. My work-around during the initial template setup was to place a voice in slot one of each player that I know will be used in all arrangements. Then I add additional voicing as required. Hope this work around works for you. Hopefully the next version of the player will fix this issue.

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