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Topic: You Gotta Love It

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    You Gotta Love It

    I took a trip over to Gary\'s support page for GPO and I have to say that I love the fact that GPO users are coming up with add-ons and whatnot for GPO.

    When people take the time to actually create custom-made enhancements for a product, you know that that product is having an impact.

    Thanks to Gary for creating GPO, and thanks to all of you who have contributed to an even better GPO experience.

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    Re: You Gotta Love It

    Thanks Rob,

    It is very rewarding to see the community that is growing. GPO Users are helping GPO users. Not only are users sharing their music, but are writing tutorials, sharing MIDI and song files, notation files, tips and techniques, devoting parts of websites to GPO, and programming enhancements and utilities for GPO. A GPO Exchange is being developed and will serve as a focal point for User contributions to the GPO community.

    As just posted in another thread...\"The music that you have been sharing with us, the thoughtful and giving people here, the willingness to help and to learn, the comraderie that has formed...I am honored beyond words. We merely provide some tools and all of you suppy the rest.\"

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: You Gotta Love It

    Since this seems to be the place to share our feelings about GPO and what it means to all of us, I\'d like to quote from a note I wrote Gary after writing my first piece with it.

    \"There have been four times in my musical life where I recall being so excited that I couldn\'t keep from trembling. The first was when I was 8 years old and heard my first Segovia concert. That day was the beginning of my path through life as a classical guitarist. The second was when I first tried to analyze the genius of a Bach fugue. The third was when I bought my first midi sequencing software and sat down to play with it. The way this midi thing was set up, there seemed to be so much promise for the future. The fourth was several weeks ago when, for me, the future finally arrived. I began to use GPO.\"
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">In deed, Gary, you should be proud. Only hope that your financial rewards come close to the praise posts we read here.

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