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Topic: CC channel assignments unnecessary??

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    Re: CC channel assignments unnecessary??

    Pretty unusual...

    a CC#1 set on channel #1 won\'t affect an instrument on channel #2. So if you have 3 CC#1 on channel #1 it should be pretty sure that only the instrument on channel #1 is affected. You should check your setup again, what you decribed should be technically impossible I think. Altough I don\'t know anything about Sonar ...


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    Re: CC channel assignments unnecessary??

    This is normal in Sonar for all controllers to be on channel 1. My Roland XP-30 sends out on Channel 1 which is the way Sonar records it. It then sennds the CC commands on the MIDI port and channel assigned for the track.

    This also makes it easier for editing multiple tracks of CC data in piano roll view. Just highlight the instrument and it just edits that instrument.

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    Re: CC channel assignments unnecessary??

    thanks Hayden

    It IS easier, but confusing.
    I expect to see cc curves in each channel I\'ve assigned them to but in this case (by mistake)I put them all in channel 1 and they still play OK but visually only show up when I select channel 1 in the controller view.

    So I see two opetions,
    Place cc\'s in each channel so visually they are associated with only that channel
    Remember that even if I place all of them into channel 1 they\'ll still only play back via the assigned channel

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    Re: CC channel assignments unnecessary??

    Because all I use is Sonar, I\'m thinking that this is Sonar specific, but it does seem buggy. I\'ve never been able to figure out (though I haven\'t tried very hard) what happens when you have multiple channels with CC1 information playing back to the same track.

    I edit controllers in piano roll view and have to select Control | 1 | All Channels or I end up getting VERY confused.

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    Re: CC channel assignments unnecessary??

    SONAR usually \'rebrands\' recorded MIDI events with the channel specified in your track properties. That way, you don\'t have to change the channel on your controller everytime you want to record multitimbrally.

    - m

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    CC channel assignments unnecessary??

    running sonar 3.1.1pe, GPO as either VST or Dxi

    Just fooling around with CC#1 mod wheel in various instruments (drawing curves in either track or piano roll view) I suddenly noticed that by inattention I had three different instruments loaded in a single GPO instance with three different channel assignments
    Trumpt ens1 = channel 1
    Clarinet solo = channel 2
    Bass mutes = channel 3

    BUT the SAME channel for CC#1 (Channel 1)and yet each instrument responded to exactly the shape of its particular CC#1 was set to WITHOUT interfering with the other instruments.

    In other words: Different CC#1 curve shapes to 3 different instruments(instruments on individual channels) but all CC#1 set to channel 1 yet each instrument responded to it\'s particular cc curve without a problem. Watching the mod wheel on the Kontack player jump all around but the sounds followed the separate mod wheel curves.

    anyone else see this?


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