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Topic: New Mac Computer From The Apple Boneyard

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    New Mac Computer From The Apple Boneyard

    I have wanted a more powerful computer that will hopefully last me awhile as I'll soon be retiring completely from my small business that I've been a slave to for about fourty years. This will hopefully eliminate at least one big ticket item from my budget.

    I prefere working with OSX but lately Apple's computer offerings seem to be not catering much to the needs of audio content creators. The new Mac Pro is ideal for a large segment of graphic content creators with it's non-optional powerful dual AMD GPUs but they are just an addtional expense that audio work alone will never utilize. There was talk of OpenCL as a way to tap the GPU for audio but it looks like this is not the case. Also you have to use Windows 8.1 with these Macs in an Apple Bootcamp partition.

    The current iMac's are fast four core machines but only memory upgradable unless you're a tech wizard and feel lucky. I actually ordered an Apple refurbished iMac but I sent it back unopened.

    So I started looking at used tower Mac Pros online, mainly on eBay. I ended up buying a 2009 ROM hacked to a 2010 Mac Pro, upgraded to a 3.46 twelve core from a small builder. It has a Geekbench 64-bit multi-core score of 30,000+. The price was $2408 including shipping.

    I'll be replacing the OS & Applications HDD with a 1TB SSD and probably buying an Asus 27" 2560X1440 display for my utility display and selling my 2011 iMac or trading it in for credit at The Mac Store for the display. I also have six external hard drives that will be installed in it's addtional five possible slots, including the two optical bays, or used as external secondary backup drives.

    Faster storage of up to 820MB/s is possible using one of the PCIe slots with a SSD blade.

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    Re: New Mac Computer From The Apple Boneyard


    I never figured that there are so many things inside a computer case.
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