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Topic: Kontakt not loading instruments

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    Kontakt not loading instruments

    Guys does this ever happen to you?

    I\'m using Sonar 3PE, with GPO. SOMETIMES, when I open up a file I made with DXi Kontakt players (I can\'t use the VST cuz the notes \'stick\' when I hit the stop button) sometimes the instruments won\'t be loaded.

    Any idea what could cause this? Much appreciated.

    - Junk the funk

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    Re: Kontakt not loading instruments

    Err I replied to this so it would bump up. (Forgive me if it\'s bad forum form).

    I did this because this problem is VERY annoying and I would like to know if a) it has happened to anybody else, or if 2) anybody knows the cause.

    At the moment, I have a particular file that will NOT reload certain instruments on certain kontakt players when I save / close / then open the file.

    - Junk (sorry for double post)

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    Re: Kontakt not loading instruments

    So far as the stuck notes in the VST, try going to my site and getting MFX SustainFix working in your host. There are a few options in there you might try.

    As to not loading programs, I had it happen just once thus far. I wound up deleting the plugin and replacing it with a new instance. Can\'t tell you much else besides the fact that it loaded after that.

    - m

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    Thank you!

    *sigh, I wrote a big long thank-you post, but lost it when I previewed it and hit the back button (weird).

    Not withstanding, I cannot thank you enough. This is amazingly helpful. No more hanging notes, I can actually use my tempo track again!

    Thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much

    - JuNk

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    Very Sad

    I guess I jumped the gun. The problem with the VST note-sticks occurs when there are multiple instruments loaded. I checked the various instruments individually, it was not until I fixed ALLLL my templates (siiiigh) that I realized the notes hang when there are two instruments from the same VST player playing while I hit stop. *siiiiiiiiiiigh

    Just to clarify, here is what happens:

    1. I assign two tracks to individual channels within one GPO VST.
    2. I write some midi notes.
    3. I hit play.
    4. I hit stop.
    5. Whatever notes have not reached their respective note-offs, will hang forever [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

    - Sad Monkey

    P.S. Right as I typed Sad Monkey, Kylie Minogue Love at First Sight came on the .. radio (okay, my winamp playlist!!). hehe, GOod mood again yayayy

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