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Topic: Humanoid Robot Conducts Beethoven Symphony

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    Humanoid Robot Conducts Beethoven Symphony

    First virtual orchestras, now a robot conductor.

    A 58-centimetre-tall humanoid robot known as QRIO conducted the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra in a unique rendition of Beethoven\'s 5th symphony during a concert held at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo.

    Utilizing sophisticated motion control capabilities, QRIO conducted the orchestra in a stunning performance. In addition to conducting, QRIO also greeted the audience showed support for the rest of the concert.

    read more about it here:

    There\'s a Real Player video of the even here:

    Do you think robotics is a novelty or a serious musical technology? Or should Maestros begin to worry? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Humanoid Robot Conducts Beethoven Symphony

    File under: \"only in Japan\"

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    Re: Humanoid Robot Conducts Beethoven Symphony

    Hey Gary,

    We just need a motion capture outfit and then program GPO to accept our motions as mod data so we can *really* conduct our Personal Orchestra, then this robot can save out performances from the motion capture suit and we can have several different \"performances\" of the same piece stored in him...

    Then Maestros should worry, when we can save those conductor files and the same condutor can be played in Vienna and Chi-Town at the same time!

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    Re: Humanoid Robot Conducts Beethoven Symphony

    Hmmm, metal mickey really chastised the orchestra with a subtle eyebrow lift for that lazy entry!.

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    Re: Humanoid Robot Conducts Beethoven Symphony


    I wonder how he/she handled the rehearsals. How he/she had the strings play esspressivo in the second movement how he/she balanced the brass in the last movement. I would have loved to have seen that rehearsal, although the end result might not have been much different from the way some current day conductors interpret or don\'t interpret as the case may be.

    Ira Kraemer

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    Re: Humanoid Robot Conducts Beethoven Symphony

    First off, I wish the file was downloadable. I\'ve been struggling to see the file smoothly in its entirety for awhile... FRUSTRATING!!!

    Alan has an interesting point. If you could attach motion sensor... nodes to the conductors arms and hands, than you\'d be able to \'record\' the conductors interpretation of that piece. If Holst had this technology back than, people today would realize that recent interpretations of Mars and Neptune are QUITE slow by Holsts standards. Interesting...

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    Re: Humanoid Robot Conducts Beethoven Symphony

    Something else that will need human attention to keep it going. Must be pretty bored there!

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    Re: Humanoid Robot Conducts Beethoven Symphony

    The use of motion capture to determine the tempo of a composed theme is quite posible. There\'s lots of applications in the videogame industry to capture motion from videos and apply them to 3d models, like facestation (http://www.digimation.com/software/a...&category_id=1)
    You don\'t need expensive gear, just a good webcam.
    So you would only need a program to translate the detected standar tempo motions in the directors arms and apply them to the midi file playing in real time.

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