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Topic: Ten Years After... (Off Topic)

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    Ten Years After... (Off Topic)

    Hey everyone,

    In case you didn\'t know, today (March 5, 2004) represents the 10th anniversary of Kurtd Cobain\'s death. I know that this has absolutely nothing to do with Garritan\'s Personal Orchestra, but then again, in a way it does.

    Nirvana was a band that greatly influenced me when I was younger, (and even now, my friends say!) They used to make fun of me at my high school for wearing flannel shirts and having long hair. :-) Oh well.

    Anyway, Kurtd influenced me enough to want to pick up the guitar and tell my story to the world through song. It was the love of his music that fed my desire to want to be a musician myself and to carry myself onward, with my composing, even when no one else seemed to like it.

    I eventually carried my desire to college to obtain first my bachelors, then my masters in music composition.

    I have since transfered my love of music tofilm scoring, which I have developed a great love for over the past four years.

    It was this love, that led me to purchase GPO and write the type of music that I find enjoyable.

    So in a way, I owe alot to Kurtd Cobain (and James Hetfield, hee hee!) and wish to add a salute to him.

    So, here\'s to you Kurts! May your influence carry others like me to higher plains!


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    Re: Ten Years After... (Off Topic)

    Very cool of you to post this... I did the same for his birthday...

    What an inspiring human being with his music, In Utero still gives me shivers. If you get a chance, read the first paragraph on my bio page on my website, I think you and I have a lot in common Jonny...

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    Re: Ten Years After... (Off Topic)

    Btw, I really think your a talented film composer. I hope to hear more of your work here and hopefully in some big scoring jobs for t.v. and film. Good Work!

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    Not really valuable information, but...

    Hi guys

    Mega Nirvana fan here. Went through the same \"He\'s a FREAK!\" torment through junior high school, and some of high school (being a member of the chess club and drama club didn\'t help much...). They stop when they realize we don\'t care what they think...

    In any case, Nirvana inspired me to play the guitar, and the more I practiced and practiced (and practiced!) the more I realized that it was Nirvana who ushered in the Grunge music rave. And in doing so, they simultaneously silenced one of the greatest periods of music ever. I speak, of course, of the flamboyant, intoxicated, guitar slingin era of the <font color=\"red\"> HAIRBANDS </font> .

    So Nirvana has always been on the edge for me. I dressed like Kurt, acted like Kurt, and desperately wanted to be like Kurt. But at the same time, I hated him for ending the reign of the guitar players.

    As is the natural progression of things, my love for guitar led me to writing, composition, sequencing, Reason, Sonar, GPO, (and tons and tons of books!).

    Just my two cents

    - Junk

    P.S. He commited suicide on April 5, 1994....

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    Re: Ten Years After... (Off Topic)

    Ten Years After... Yup, Alvin Lee could really jam! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    And Kurt was quite the talent, too.

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