I don\'t have too much time to play with my GPO, but here is my latest attempt. It sure isn\'t an easy job for a novice to get good sounding mp3\'s from my computer. I recently got Cubase SX to use with GPO and I have to say that I\'m rather shocked by it\'s complexity. There are buttons, knobs and sliders everywhere, and poor me, haven\'t got the foggyest of how to use them. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img] Perhaps some of the knowledgable people on this forum could give some tips on how to use an equalizer, since it\'s a complete mystery to me. I\'m almost convinced that it is one of the keys to good mixing, maybe not. I just want to know how I can get rid of the muffled, muddy kind of sound I\'m getting.

Anyway, this is the result after numerous takes and it is by no means perfect. This piece is rather long and about 6MB.

Best wishes