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Topic: Conducting "Mouse"?

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    Conducting "Mouse"?

    Has anyone ever thought of creating a conducting \"mouse\" for use with MIDI files and/or sequencers? This would be awesome. The file you\'re working with would ignore any tempo data it already has and instead record the tempo you conduct. This would be really great.

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    Re: Conducting \"Mouse\"?

    You can do that using Cubase. I am sure any pro level sequencer has the ability to do same thing.

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    Re: Conducting \"Mouse\"?

    Wow! That\'s a great idea. Can it be done in Sonar??

    - Junk

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    Re: Conducting \"Mouse\"?

    Actually some small company did make a \"midi baton\" type of device that would control some aspects of your sequencing software, but it never caught on and is long gone now. I can\'t remember the name of the company, though....

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    Re: Conducting \"Mouse\"?

    How!? Where!?

    Ahh.. dont tell me to look in the manual ..... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


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