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Topic: Hello Again

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    Hello Again

    I was really glad to see that this site is still active. Sorry to have been gone so long but on August 4 I was a pedestrian hit by a car while crossing a street in my hometown of Canyon, Texas. I was taken by ambulance to an emergency room in Amarillo, Texas and then immediately flown by helicopter to the medical school hospital in Lubbock, Texas. I got 10 hours of surgery over two days, two weeks of specialized hospital care, and a little over two months in a hospital rehab facility. After having to go back to a hospital for 3 days because my blood pressure dropped very low I am now home and getting much better at a very fast rate. I have a lot of broken ribs and a pelvis that was broken in two places plus a number of other injuries. Most serious was a brain injury that has healed very well. My neurologist is the son of one of the best music students I ever taught and my main nurse was close friends with another very good student. It is really a small world.

    I am glad that you produced another Christmas album and I hope you can do one every year for a long time. I have gotten very interested in computer music again and will post some work I have done since coming home soon.

    Everyone take care and have the best new year possible

    Norman Nelson

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    Re: Hello Again

    WOW! I hope you are recovering well and will be back to 100% soon. Glad you stopped in and took a look around. Good luck and keep in touch with all of us on the forum.

    All my best!!!
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    Re: Hello Again

    Wow Norman! Glad to hear you are doing better. That sounds like quite an ordeal, and now you and indianamusic at least have something in common to talk about (Besides music ) Hoping you only continue to improve, and glad to see you are coming back to the forums!

    I've also been inactive for a while, but I have no excuse
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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