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Topic: Mid-Winter Lament and Tango

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    Mid-Winter Lament and Tango

    I started putting this together in December using Finale. In early November I got the freebie from Embertone with a female vocal program built for Kontakt. It was a gimmick and had shrieks and laughs and comments from the singer that happen randomly through the program (after all it was a Halloween thing!) But it did inspire me to put this piece together and through careful editing (and probably sheer luck), I had non extraneous sounds in my final wave track for the voice.

    Though the voice is still not as pretty as my first impressions of it, it does an adequate job for this piece. Heck, I can't complain since it was free!

    The rest of the piece is by GPO4 strings and timpani. The drum set is the Session Drummer from Sonar and it is the Steven Slate Sizzle kit.

    Than for the last two weeks, I have been re-installing all my software on my computer after replacing and formatting my C: hard drive. Needless to say that was no easy task and full of frustration. Anyway, I finally got to finish the piece and here it is:

    Mid-Winter Lament and Tango

    I hope you enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed the writing and rendering of it.
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    Re: Mid-Winter Lament and Tango

    Glad that you got through the misery of re-installing, and to this nice piece.
    I especially like the tango-middle section, it sounds like one would have a good time in front of the fireplace, not giving in for the lament of the winter.
    Nicely done...


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