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Topic: Impression No. 4

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    Impression No. 4

    Impression No. 4. Fourth in a plan set of five.

    Impression No. 4: MP3

    Impression No. 4: Score and MP3
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    Re: Impression No. 4

    Interesting. The Bass Clarinet has an excellent melody. I would have like to have heard that developed more but that is only my opinion. That was an effective use of pizzicato.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Impression No. 4

    Mr. Sharpe,

    Well done. I'm not a DAW expert (ask my brother), but this sounds natural. I love the way the accented chord stack in the string pizzicati appears in different places. The energy of the pizzicati drives this piece. The introduction of the wind ostinato supports and defines the musical landscape you are creating. Well, done!


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