Horus AVR Beta (Augmented Virtual Reality) is an application researched and developed by RNG Corp.

Since 11/01/2015, Horus AVR Beta is available on Google play. This the first augmented virtual reality app of Vietnamese.
AR (Augmented Reality) technology lets you see images in 3D environment which details you can’t see by your eyes. AR technology doesn’t change the real life. It just add some details.
You can see on the clip below:

- Set a camera to picture to experience Augmented VR.
- Touch once for screen capturing.
- Rapidly touch twice for changing mode: VR mode or Ordinary mode.
Download here:
Some picture about this App:

About any ideas to support and contribute to the App. Please contact us at:
Hotline: 0966.915.901
Email: Horusglass@rng.vn
Fanpage: fb.com/Horusglass
Horusglass.vn hope to receive your idea to perfect Horus AVR Beta.