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Topic: Jonny Lost his GPO 4

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    Jonny Lost his GPO 4

    Hello everyone,

    Im hoping that some of you may remember me. I have used GPO since it was released in 2004. I still have a note that was shipped with my original copy, written by Gary Garritan, personally thanking me for purchasing his product. I have used Garritan libraries, almost exclusively since then.

    I bought GPO4 when it was released in 2009 (I think that's right). I downloaded my copy of GPO4 from Garritan.biz. This was before Garritan merged with Make Music. I got my copy of my keycard and I was off and running.

    Recently, I've had to reinstall my hard drive. I lost all of my libraries. I went to Make Music's site to redownload GPO and discovered that it wasn't there, neither was my keycard. My Steinway piano is, but not GPO4. I dug through my archive of saved email and found my original purchase invoice that had the keycard attached to it, along with order numbers and serial numbers for GPO. I contacted Make Music about this and sent them my keycard. They say they can't find any infirmation about it.

    I'm really punching myself in the face right now for deleting the original installers. I usually save all of that stuff, but I stupidly trusted the Internet!! CURSE YOU INTERNET!!! :-)

    Does anyone have any ideas? Does Gary or Tom hang out on the Northernsounds forum anymore? I really could use their help. As usual, I have deadlines looming (2 web series and a musical) and I've gone and screwed everything up.

    Wish me luck,
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    Re: Jonny Lost his GPO 4

    I recently and to do the same and my GPO4 was there at MakeMusic. At least I think I installed GPO4 and not GPO3. I will have to check. I am not sure why they can't help you. I am disappointed with them if this is true.

    Sorry, I can't help more then commiserate with you.
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    Re: Jonny Lost his GPO 4

    A bit late to the party here, but if you're still having trouble, perhaps a phone call to Support would be timely? If you have your serial number, they should be able to generate a new card for you. I had to have it once. Mind you, that was before the merger.

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    Re: Jonny Lost his GPO 4 ... FIXED(?)

    Those interested,

    For those of you who don't frequent "the other place", Jonny posted the same message over there and, the very same day, received this reply:

    "Hello Jonny,

    I noticed that you have tried contacting us via our support ticket system as well. I have been looking into this issue for you this morning and will be able to resolve it. Look for my most recent reply with an explanation of what happened with your serial number and how you can get up and running with the software again.

    Steve R.
    Customer Success Manager
    MakeMusic, Inc.

    So, I dare say his problem has been sorted, he just couldn't be bothered to tell this forum.
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    Re: Jonny Lost his GPO 4

    The main thing, of course, is that it was resolved. Perhaps we would get more attention if more people posted here. It has been a bit of a dry spell.


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