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Topic: Building dedicated GS computer...help!

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    Building dedicated GS computer...help!

    I\'ve been running GS on a 850 Pentium with 256 RAM...UW SCSIs...UDMA IDEs with a 2496. Also running vSt 32/5 on same machine. It kinda sluggish so...

    Now I\'m going to put GS onto a dedicated computer...PII-350 with 128 ram and a couple of 7200 rpm ATA100 drives (leaving vSt on the 850).

    Can I simply send MIDI output from the 850/vSt machine into the PII-350/GS machine using GS like an external MIDI module?

    Secondly, should I MIDI out of my keyboard controller into vSt then out of vSt into GS?

    I\'ve never done this before so I\'d apreciate any ideas.


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    Re: Building dedicated GS computer...help!

    I did the same thing about 6 months ago and it\'s really an eye opener. Not having to worry about \"rewire, directconnect, directI/O\" or any of that stuff. I found that a digital connection between the giga machine and recording machine is best. I used SPDIF at first and just upgraded to 8 channels of ADAT. The signal gets recorded without having to be converted. My giga machine was a PII 400. Just make sureyou give it at least 256 meg RAM. As far as MIDI goes, I thought it would be tricky and it wasn\'t. I just treat the giga machine as if it were a hardware sampler. I bought a little midisport USB and have a connection from my \"recording/sequencer\" machine going straight into it. I never did find out if Sounddiver would work but I tend to doubt it (joke, I think). The sound card I just bought for the giga, an RME 96/8PST has so little latency that it just doesn\'t matter much about midi. I also use a second channel midi connection from my controller keyboard into the giga so I can audition patches and samples without the other machine\'s involvement. I also have Reaktor, Reason and Reality on the giga machine.

    Good luck. Feel free to write me.

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    Re: Building dedicated GS computer...help!

    Thanks for the info.

    So when you record MIDI data into your sequencer, your keyboard/controller MIDI out goes to the recorder/sequencer MIDI in...then the recorder/sequencer MIDI out goes to the Giga MIDI in? Right?

    I\'ll be using an audiophile 2496. It has GSIF drivers and SPDIF out. Since I\'m only running GS Le it only support one stereo output so I have no need of multichannel GSIF device...yet. Thanx



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