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Topic: Realivox Ladies Version 2 Released! Plus a Lite Version Now Available!

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    Realivox Ladies Version 2 Released! Plus a Lite Version Now Available!

    At long last, we’re releasing the Version 2 Upgrade of Realivox Ladies. As you can see, they’ve gotten a facelift. And they’ve also put on some weight! Now with 58 articulations, plus 6 ending consonants. That’s some serious heft! (Oh, these metaphors are fun. Although I’m dead if the singers are reading this post.)

    The Ladies are solo singers, but we’ve also added the ability to layer up to 10 voices, all in one instrument (on the new “Mixer page.”) So doubles and triples, or even creating ensembles (mix and match if you like) are just a few clicks. And of course, there’s our polyphonic legato and a bunch of other features we think you’ll appreciate.

    Just need the basics for background vocals? Then for those of you who have been asking for a Lite version, we’ve finally done it. All the features, but just the essential articulations: oo, ah, oh and uh. (We include “uh” because when singers think they’re singing “ah,” they’re usually really singing “uh.”)

    Our intro price for the full version of the Ladies is $299 (regularly $399.) The Ladies Lite are just $139 (regularly $199.) Kontakt Player versions are also available for slightly more.

    “But Mike! I already bought the Ladies last year! How much is this upgrade going to cost me???” Well, we did have to bring all the singers back to record the new content. (Now 25,000 samples, up from 16,000 before.) And the coding is completely redone for this version. And the new graphics weren’t cheap. So I figure a fair amount would be . . . free. Seriously, our Ladies customers have been the absolute best, so I wouldn’t even consider charging you guys.

    So, are you ready to join the club? Are you ready to charge your clients more, because you have vocals on your cues? Are you ready to add some background oo’s and ah’s to your songs, quick and easy? Are you ready to write a cue with something besides the same traditional instrument leads you’ve been using for the last decade? Then get yourself on down to Realitone and add some vocals to your tracks.

    And check out this 17 minute walkthrough video, where we go through all the voices and features:

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    Re: Realivox Ladies Version 2 Released! Plus a Lite Version Now Available!

    UPDATE: We’ve updated the Realivox Ladies to 2.1. A lot of people want the old graphics back, so that’s now an option (on the Settings page). So you have a choice between:

    We also made it so when you click on the virtual keyboard (on the main page), it selects that keyswitch. Admittedly, it should have always worked that way, but until a couple mentioned it, I hadn’t thought of it.

    For bug fixes. the ending consonants now work consistently, and we fixed a bug with the variable legato speed, as well as the pan knob scaling.

    Oh, and we added a Breaths instrument. Now the Ladies can finally breathe!

    Our introductory pricing is still in effect. Save as much as $100 on the full Realivox Ladies set.
    The Ladies Lite is only $139.

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