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Topic: Sounds are changing in Giga HELP!!

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    Sounds are changing in Giga HELP!!

    I\'m using gigastudio 160 on a dedicted PC and sequencing with Cubase VST on a G4. When I hit the space bar to reset a sequence, the sounds I have loaded into my giga setup change. For example a string patch I have loaded on channel one will also be loaded into channel 2 and 3, replacing what I want to be loaded there. I\'ve tried sending logical program change commands from Cubase but I still can\'t make any sense as to what is happening. I\'m sure this is something obvious that I\'m missing. Any ideas??



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    Re: Sounds are changing in Giga HELP!!

    Do all your sounds have unique program change numbers? Also, if you haven\'t downloaded the latest GigaStudio patch that may help. I remember some issue about this being addressed by one of the updates.

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