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Topic: Nine Years Later: A | B COMPARISON

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    Nine Years Later: A | B COMPARISON

    Nine years ago I mixed my first piece in Sonar (5.x) using the new Garritan JABB library. Mixing music in a DAW using samples was a new area for me and I had (and still do) much to learn. On Deviant art (http://www.deviantart.com/) artist will often post an older piece that they did years earlier with a new rendition they have recently done of the same piece to show how they have improved and changed their interpretation of the subject.

    So here I have done basically the same thing. I opened my old Sonar project for my piece “What Ever” into the newest version of Sonar and started redoing the piece. I had to pull out the old version of JABB that used the Kontakt player and replaced it with the newest JABB that uses the Aria player. I redid the routing of the instruments so that each now has its own bus. I pulled out the old reverb I was using for all the tracks and instead use separate(and different) reverbs on each instrument. I also changed the panning of the various instruments and I had to replace the Guitar Rig 3 that the bass was using the the current Guitar Rig 5. I ended up adding some EQ, compression and transient mastering that I did not do on my first version.

    For your consideration an A B comparison:


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    Re: Nine Years Later: A | B COMPARISON

    Hi Ed,

    I can't comment on the musical content, since I'm totally ignorant about jazz. What I can say is that the second (most recent) recording is ways better as to realism, natural sound and ambience, room... The only thing I'm missing a bit is somewhat depth in the ensemble. Since it's a small ensemble, this shouldn't be too much, but now every player seems to be in the center, very closely packed together. The drums have most of the room (other sampler?)
    For the rest, a brilliant, natural recording!


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    Re: Nine Years Later: A | B COMPARISON

    You are not very lucky today, here is an other comment from a guy who is far more ignorant about jazz than Max.
    there is a huge difference , the 9 years was worth it.
    Maybe, if you can not give more depth to your group, separating the instruments MUCH wider, could help.
    Interesting experiment, we should follow up on it. The only problem I would have with this is to go through listening my old stuff, horribile dictu!
    Very nice Ed


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    Re: Nine Years Later: A | B COMPARISON

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and reply. I am planning to revisit the panning of the instruments but will not have time to do so until the end of the summer.

    Thank you again for your time.

    // Ars longa, vita brevis
    // http://edosbear.blogspot.com/

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