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Topic: Hello! Hello! Hello!

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    Hello! Hello! Hello!

    Is anyone here!? LOL! Just checking! This forum seems to be very quiet these days... Where is Randy Bowser!? He used to be the life of this forum. I haven't heard from him in a very long long long time... Is there even any moderators left who check this forum!? This needs to be a much more vibrant community! We need the listening room to be more active! The Garritan Community is the best community I have been in! RANDY!!!! Where are thee! :P



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    Re: Hello! Hello! Hello!

    I agree it is a great forum, and I have found Randy one of the most helpful people anywhere. I must confess to being somewhat of a deserter of late, as I have been involved with other forums, even moderating one for awhile. but I have become a bit "forumed-out," and have not been very active anywhere as I try to work more on my music. I use a variety of sound libraries now, but GPO still forms the basis of my woodwinds. I also use the Garritan Pocket Orchestra, which comes packaged with Dimension Pro, which is a synth bundled with Sonar, my DAW. Interestingly, the GPO samples there sound better sometimes than in the original. However, you lose the Stereo Stage effect. I cut my sequencer teeth with GPO, and received much help from this forum. Lately I have found the time to return here a bit. Hopefully things will pick up.

    BTW, does anyone know what happened to Steve Johnson?

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    Re: Hello! Hello! Hello!

    Randy is gone. He has moved on to theater projects, his first love, and is no longer doing music composition. This was the result of the effort put into the Lon Chaney project which was very successful and re-inspired him for theater work.

    Now that Gary, Randy, Tom (retired) are all gone this place is never again going to be what it was before Gary's wife got sick.


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    Re: Hello! Hello! Hello!

    I love the solo violins and cellos of GPO! Out of all the libraries I have, I still think Garritan Solo Cello #2 has the best timbre and sound that my ears seem to like. There's something about it that just fits well in my compositions. I also have Dimension Pro and am using Sonar. Dimension Pro is a great library. DM Pro strings are one of my favourites. They are actually the strings from Sonivox. The expressivos are just beautiful. I'm also using several different libraries, it's good to mix match I find. My favourite Garritan Product is Instant Orchestra.

    Thanks for information, Tom. Sorry to hear that Gary's wife got sick. Hope all is doing well for them.



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    Re: Hello! Hello! Hello!

    I am still around.... just really, really busy. But I took a couple of hours last night to work on my Christmas CD submission, so in that sense, I am still about and involved.

    However, like the insurance commercial says, life has a way of biting you in the posterior, and this year (so far) will not go into my books as one of my faves.. Skin cancer (me) serious leg muscle tears (my wife) 4 hospitalizations (my mother, still there as I write) and a knee-hip replacement combo (karens' Mum) have all conspired to keep me too busy to spend a lot of time here. Not looking for sympathy here, just explaining how life gets in your way.

    But things are (hopefully) starting to lift as we approach the solstice. Hopefully, I will have a stronger presence around here in the second half of this year...

    And so far as I know, the 2015 Christmas CD is still looking for a few more good people!! Have you gotten involved, yet??? (I'll play the part of Randy for the rest of this message)

    Hmmmm.... ?

    Kevin F..

    KM Frye- (SOCAN)
    Music Director- Four Seasons Musical Theatre- 2016

    Bella Vista Studios

    GPO4, JABB3, Garritan World Inst, REAPER, Roland VS2480 DAW

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    Re: Hello! Hello! Hello!

    Hey Kevin,

    Good to see you're still around! I'm sorry to hear about you and your wife's health problems. I guess I'm not the only one with health issues. This year has been pretty bad for me too health wise. On top of my other issues, food isn't going down my throat very well anymore. It takes me much longer to eat now as compared to last year. It seems each year that passes I'm just getting worst. I hope you and your wife get well and a speedy recovery. I haven't been involved in any of the Christmas cds since being here. I can't compose good enough for that style of music, lol!

    Best Regards,


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