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Topic: GS consistent crash MSG32

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    GS consistent crash MSG32

    Gigastudio (v2.20.33) continues to crash (MSG32) when loading sounds, even with a new A-BIT/Intel motherboard. (Previously had an Athlon/VIA). It doesn\'t appear to be caused by any particular sound, but rather once a certain \"threshold\" or number of sounds are loaded. Once I\'ve loaded enough samples to use about 50% of the available memory (768 MB), loading one more .gsp sound causes the follow crash and error message to occur:

    MSG32 caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL

    Up to that point, it basically works fine. Anybody know what\'s going on here?

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    Re: GS consistent crash MSG32

    I guess I would try the usual things for invalid page faults. You could first try updating that dll file. Here\'s a place to get it http://www.topfile.com/

    If that doesn\'t fix it, go update your soundcard and videocard drivers from their respective manufacturer\'s websites. You could also experiment with different video card accelerations to see if turning off specific features helps. Are you using an ATI card?

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    Re: GS consistent crash MSG32

    I\'ve downloaded the kernel32.dll file from topfile.com. (Thanks for the link). As I\'m new to the PC world (I\'m a Dig Perf/Mac guy), I\'m not sure how to \"update\" this file -- do I just find it and replace it with the new?

    As far as I know, I have the latest soundcard and videocard drivers. I have a Geforce2 MX card (AGP, I believe). Here\'s the motherboard I\'m using:

    Any additional assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: GS consistent crash MSG32

    It should go in your C:\\Windows\\System directory. You will probably need to reboot the computer after installing the dll file.

    You might take the old file and rename it to something else (perhaps put in My Documents) in case you need to get it back for some reason. After doing so, place the updated file in this directory and restart your computer.

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    Re: GS consistent crash MSG32

    Do you have Office XP on your system?

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    Re: GS consistent crash MSG32

    No, I don\'t have Office XP installed on this box. Actually, I have nothing but GS on this box -- I built it just for GS using the best components I could find, so that\'s one reason why I\'m so perplexed that I\'m having problems.

    I spoke with Nemesys tech support yesterday and Kevin suggested changing the memory -- one of the only things I haven\'t tried yet. Removing one 256 SDRAM (leaving 512) eliminates the crash that I described earlier in this thread, however, the occasional pop and audio glitch still occurs.

    Three months later and I\'m still fighting with this system -- unbelievable.

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