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Topic: Registering GPO4

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    Registering GPO4

    Does anyone know how I can register my GPO4 with Make Music? The problem is that I seem to have lost the serial number. It was a download from Garritan and I can't find the serial number anywhere. When I purchased it, I don't think Make Music even existed. I do have it up and running, but I would like to get it registered if possible.
    michael diemer

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    Re: Registering GPO4

    Hi, Michael!

    Best suggestion I can think to do is to go to the Make Music website and register there. Once you've done that contact support and explain your situation. They're pretty good at coming up with solutions. Here's a link:


    Hope this helps!

    Gary A.
    Serenity Musician (Gary A.)

    HP Pavilion Elite, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, 12 gig ram, 1 terabyte hd., E-MU 0404, Korg K61, Finale 2012, Sonar X2 Producer

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    Re: Registering GPO4

    Thanks Gary. I'll do that.
    michael diemer

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    Re: Registering GPO4

    Problem solved, Make Music now has my software registered and displayed with serial #. Very quick and efficient response. I didn't have to do anything!
    michael diemer

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