Hello Everyone,

I'm posting this as a separate thread to our Christmas Project.

Can anyone help with suggestions on how we can boost our Christmas project? We have just nine nominations .. all very valuable and important .. although I would like more. Especially, that moral boosting 10th nomination.

First, I would like to repeat that there is no minimum number of songs; even if we end up with just a few sent in I'll still put these up on the new site with the art-work.

It would be just wonderful if we could find that magic 10th nomination .. and more besides and this is where I'm asking for input.

I had thought of posting in other forums where there are people using Garritan libraries with other products. For example, Sibelius Notation which is bundled with Garritan libraries. I'm not sure this would be the 'right' thing to do though.

So, if anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful. We now have 2,660 visits for our project thread so there is a lot of interest. I would just like to harness some of that interest and convet it to nominations.

I have contacted past contributors and posted in the MakeMusic forums so if you have any further thought or ideas please let us know.

Many thanks,