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Topic: [OT] Hi from Sundance

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    [OT] Hi from Sundance

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    Hi Gang.

    Just a quick note from the Sundance Festival in Utah. I am having a ball up here (and I do mean \"up\"; I think I\'m getting light-headed climbing up these hills!)

    I have had many interesting conversations with both composers and directors about the state of film music in the US. I plan to post a detailed account of it on my site when I get back.

    I was just missing my pals here at Northern Sounds, so I thought I\'d say \'hi\'. =)

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    Re: [OT] Hi from Sundance

    Cool thanks Blue Screen, hook up with a starlet for me!

    or jsut grab a beer with one [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: [OT] Hi from Sundance

    Yup please do give an update. I\'ve been keeping an eye on the indie film scene here in NY and am curious about your thoughts and view out there.


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    Re: [OT] Hi from Sundance

    Hi Guys.

    OK, here is the update:
    BlueScreen Update page
    Check it out. Good to be back home! [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: [OT] Hi from Sundance

    GREAT update/review. Thanks alot man!

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    Re: [OT] Hi from Sundance

    Thanks, King! I didn\'t know if it made any sense (once I get rambling, you know...=-). By far the best film I remember from the festival was called \"Off the Map\", directed by Campbell Scott and starring Sam Eliot and Joan Allen. Check it out when it is released and you won\'t be sorry.

    I am curious to hear other composers\' thoughts on my claim that we are witnessing the death of thematic music.


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    Re: [OT] Hi from Sundance


    Originally posted by BlueScreen:

    I am curious to hear other composers\' thoughts on my claim that we are witnessing the death of thematic music.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I think you are right. I worked in a Video production house for over five years. It always appeared to me that producers chose music that was what I would call neutral. Even if it where in classical tone or style, there\'s no melody or hook.
    In terms of the orchestrating, I think Indie films will take it if it\'s affordable. I mean, i feel pop bands entered into the scene with easy rider and the graduate. It\'s cheaper and easier for an indie film to get that.
    I\'m reading \'No Minor chords\' by andre Previn. though we don\'t have that system of greenlighting projects anymore it seems as though then, An orechestral guy like previn would be EXPECTED to tkae a jazz or broadway tune and make it musical and orchestrate it.
    Nowadays you have the band writing the popular song and the orechestrator doing the tension. I see it here in NY. Indie films seem to want a band to liscense songs not really a conservatory person.
    i think your right Orchestral themes are becoming mood flavoring

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    Re: [OT] Hi from Sundance

    I loved \"No Minor Chords\"! Previn had some great stories about the strange role of music in films during the Golden Age of Hollywood. One of my favorite stories was the one in which he and his friends got stuck hauling a piano through a snowstorm in Big Bear-- while his friend was playing it!

    I wonder what will happen to all of us guys who love to write thematic music as the demand for it evaporates. Will we all be reduced to writing jingles or pop songs?

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