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Topic: RJS Productions: Fade or No Fade!?

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    Fade or No Fade!?

    Hey guy! I was wondering if anyone give me some advice on this matter. I am about to launch my new website (RJS Productions) that focuses on licensing off music to project developers and general music for the average listener. However, the way the sales platform I have setup with WIX will only be able to sell 1 composition or 1 album at a time. So, this leaves me with the question, "Should I fade out the music or should I leave it without the fade." This is mainly for the licensing to projects part that I'm a concerned with. I'm not quite sure which would be better. Having the fades makes it less of hassle to implement into a project but having a composition with no fades leaves room for flexibility. Which approach do you guys think I should take?Regards,Richard

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    Re: RJS Productions: Fade or No Fade!?

    I hope I understand the question correctly - you are asking if fading out production tracks is better that providing an ending? I'd say ending every time. It very easy to fade, it's hard as anything to put a 'button' on a track that fades! That doesn't mean you have to do a huge great Beethoven ending on everything, enigmatic endings that kinda hang there can be interesting, and by no means do you have to find yourself back at the tonic. It obviously depends on the track. Editors love endings, that I know. ....and they love alternative mixes too... Good luck! B

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    Re: RJS Productions: Fade or No Fade!?

    Thanks for the advice Barrie. Yeah, it was kinda what I was gearing at. I have this tendency to create compositions that loop and have no specific ending. They go on and on! I wasn't sure if it was better to let that on and on fade in and out or to just leave the composition(s) as it/they are.Regards,Richard

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