They say things happen in groups of three. I hope so.

Yesterday I received news from a film producer in Seattle that the original un-edited footage of a film I wrote and directed nearly ten years ago has been found and is in good condition. He is sending it all to me in a few days.

The details as to how it became lost are too complex to get into, but suffice it to say I was amazed at the news. I recall that I had even written a few measures of intro music for it.

A Christmas-based fantasy entitled "Yesterday's Hello," it was written as a 30 minute morality play ala Rod Serling. Something low-key and pleasant for the season. But then everything got lost.

Ironic that it should re-appear after all these years and just in time for the holidays.

So, I expect that I will delve into the material and see what can be saved and edited into a new movie. I think this will be fun.

After all these years - yesterday's hello indeed.