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Topic: Halion 2 Announced

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    Halion 2 Announced

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    Key features:
    - Disk streaming
    - Key switching (better GIGA import)
    - new filter
    - capable of surround sound

    Looks pretty cool to me. Perhaps a GIGA killer?


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    Re: Halion 2 Announced

    Perhaps a Kontakt competitor [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: Halion 2 Announced

    At the end, when Kontakt has solved minor bugs and polished disk streaming a bit, I think it will have an edge over its competitors simply because its clever interface.
    It´s simply the most comfortable and straightforward of them (IMHO) and no update for other soft-samplers is gonna change that.

    But obviously, the one with best libraries will be the most used, and currently that one is GigaStudio.

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