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Topic: Confusion Reigns - but not the weather

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    Confusion Reigns - but not the weather

    I am baffled by the departure of Gary from Make Music. Will he be taking GPO, etc, with him? How is it expected to work out in terms of products and services? I will be glad to see him back, and hope that problems with his wife's health have improved and perhaps he will once again take an active part here. He has been missed.


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    Unhappy Re: Confusion Reigns - but not the weather

    Hi Richard,

    One very rarely knows the actual reasons for a senior exec. leaving a company.
    The stated ones are usually "to spend more time with the family" or some such.
    It could well be that there was a lack of funding to take GPO5 to the next level.
    Maybe it was because his wife was unwell.

    Well, I don't think Gary can take his libraries with him, he sold them to MakeMusic.
    I don't suppose he even owns the rites to the name any more.
    Just the same as Sequential Circuits and Yamaha. Now back in the hands of Dave Smith after how many years?

    It certainly would be interesting to know what the future holds in this area.
    But it seems that MM has little interest.

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    Re: Confusion Reigns - but not the weather

    Bummerooski. I still get a lot of mileage out of GPO4, and an upgrade to 5 would be wonderful.

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