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Topic: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

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    FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

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    It\'s official. The first sample library for intelligent people only. \"Biased Liberal Prepared Piano FX\" available for download soon in 24 bit Kontakt format. Library free to anyone who writes me an intelligent letter condemning the Bush administration. This is no joke. Details about where to send the email, the samples and the rules coming soon........

    Nick Phoenix [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix


    Hi Nick Phoenix !

    With all due respect

    Every war is a tragedy - for the iraqi people, and for those over there fighting for what they believe in, or are lead to believe in if you prefer... Soldiers, and civilians (human shields, red cross) working for peace and their families.

    I don´t think they benefit from this...

    I could write you that letter if you want, but not to get some samples - i´d like to think for myself without being \"rewarded\" for the \"right way of thinking\"...

    I understand that this is a heated debate, but maybe we´re better off taking it somewhere else, where it could make a difference - at this point, i can´t see how it could be constructive just to get your own opinion reinforced by some (a LOT of...) people agreeing with you, while alienating the others even more.

    Hope i made my point without being disrespecting, that is not my meaning.

    We have the privilege even to be able to discuss these matters - let´s agree on that whatever happens, we won´t start our own wars on this forum... That would be a real progress for mankind.

    With all due respect

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    Re: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

    Wrong place for this discussion dude. Give it a rest!
    By the way brah - I like your libraries, but still think you are way out of line.

    Get hold of yourself before you... mmm, too late.

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    Re: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

    You guys make good points, but where else can we talk about this stuff. Americans are being fed lie after lie. I have to do everything I can. Anything less would be unpatriotic. But you\'re right, trying to bribe people into supporting my point of view is absurd. I just want a little truth. People are dying right now. Think about that. You can be sure that this won\'t solve the terrorist threat, it will aggravate it. Anyway, I am still going to give away the prepared piano library as an offer and hope for peace.

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    Re: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

    Superb Nick. I love the idea and the concept. Its ALWAYS relevant to debate this topic, since it itvolves both living chimps and human beings.

    You guys need to get a life besides composing. I think Nicks political standpoint is far more relevant then all discussions here.

    Honestly. Does it matter whether samples are dry and wet - as opposed to 1000 of people losing their life? Do we make any difference here on northern? Or are we just leaning back - letting time go - day by day?

    The LEAST we can do is to debate the world around us - a world that could also despire/inspire us as composers.

    Keep it up Nick.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

    Nick, having your own views is great. Being able to freely express them is great. But right now I\'m embarrassed to be a Quantum Leap customer. [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

    With a new library on the horizon, one would think you should practice some public relations, especially with a competitive product such as VSL already on the market. This isn\'t the time or place for a comment like that, regardless of any humor intended. It is simply WAY too sensitive of a subject with the current war.

    So again... as an owner of Guitar & Bass, Brass, VotA and Rare Instruments, I almost feel ashamed to have a connection with the company. Be very aware that this is not because my views differ that much from yours, as this is all coming from an angry Texan that voted for Gore. But as a business, you lose credibility with posts like that. You might as well have placed an ad for your symphonic orchestra library in Hustler magazine.

    Feel free to make statements. But as a businessman, be smart about how they may affect your company. Time and place, man... time and place.

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    Re: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

    Take your anti-Americanism elsewhere. No one wants to hear it.

    Moderators: Please move this thread to OT or better yet, just delete it.

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    Re: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

    AJF and Lance. You are living in the old world. Its VERY common to mix morals with business today - and why not? You dont HAVE to like Nicks oppinion, but you can still like his samples. Thats BUSINESS ATTITUDE to me.

    I for one will def. support the company alot more due to Nicks openminded attitude.

    I think its yet another sign of quality and heart behind the things. I dont want somesterile, all-smiling suntanned 20 year old sales assistant saying: \"Everything is ok - as long as I just smile and pretend nothing happend\".

    I want somebody with soul and attitude.

    I got that. Now what do you got left?

    Business without attitude? Gonna lead you nowhere.
    If you were really into \"business\" you would know that the laws in this area are VERY different from real life. Nicks standpoint is perfectly natural - and he has the guts to express it.

    Thats cool, intelligent and the few conservative customers he will loose - will be replaced by people like me.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

    lol, I\'m not debating \"guts\" or \"heart\". Merely that 1) there are ways to practice a \"business attitude\" that includes strong morals without alienating any potential customers, which is what Nick is in danger of by the little stunt displayed above, and 2) there are ways for Nick to express his political views without bringing his company into it in the very slightest.

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    Re: FREE sample library from Nick Phoenix

    Personally i think that if being patriotic is fully supporting the constitution (and what better legacy came from America?) I would feel betrayed right now (and scared)

    You might argue that this is not the place for such a debate but since this administration has total control over regular media where else can you voice your opinion?
    (people vs war in the USA are at least 30% (way more i would think) of general population and yet about 1% of peace minded people appearances on corporate media were represented)

    If this site is a community, what is wrong about voicing one\'s opinion among people you feel might share some of your views?

    And if you don\'t share them, debating certainly beats censorship and repression.

    It seems to me that right now big business is the main reason we are at war. Business is the last thing i would try to support as a challenger to justice and truth. You can have it, it will eventually lead to our undoing...

    PS: Nick, i am not writing this just because I lust for your library. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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