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Topic: Recommendations for Wireless Headphones

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    Recommendations for Wireless Headphones

    I need to buy a pair of inexpensive ($50-100 US) wireless headphones that I can wear walking around the house or in bed, if need be. I prefer RF, rather than IR because, as I understand it, IR requires the transmitter to be in the line-of-sight.

    I've read some negative reviews about phones that hurt the ears, or have controls that break off or are located on the back of one of the ear pieces so they spike the volume when you lie down. I'd like to avoid design choices like these. My only other consideration is what sounds best for music -- since music is what I will be listening to -- and I trust advice from musicians in that area. So, I'd be grateful for any recommendations.


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    Re: Recommendations for Wireless Headphones

    Sorry, but my reply will be useless to you.
    I got one wireless as a present from somebody, I did a job for the arranging a piece, did not charge him. as he did observe me taking my headphone off and on, so gave me this present. The quality of the sound was so bad, that I never used it since. This was 9 years ago, so maybe the new ones are OK. Try them, most places allow you to do this.


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    Re: Recommendations for Wireless Headphones

    So, I assume the consensus is that there are no good wireless headphones under $100?

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    Re: Recommendations for Wireless Headphones

    Unfortunately, I can't offer any advice pointing to a good pair of wireless headphones either.

    The only experience I have is with a set of Sony MDR-RF985RK's which I received as a gift a few years ago, and which I have barely touched at all because the sound quality was not so great, and on top of that I kept on getting radio static/crackling (RF-type, not IR-type transmission), even at a distance of just a few feet.

    They were comfortable to wear, but that was about it...
    -- Matt Wong

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