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Topic: Some new compositions

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    Cool Some new compositions

    Wow! It's been a really long time since I've posted anything here, but I'm glad to be back.

    Here are two new compostions I've finished for various projects.

    1, Shadow VS The Mecha (Written for Sonic The Hedehog based webseries, Sonic & Shadow)- https://soundcloud.com/dariusofwest/sonic-shadow-8-shadow-vs-the-mecha
    2, A Chapter's End* (Written for own project)- https://soundcloud.com/dariusofwest/a-chapters-end-ending-theme-v2
    3, MineCraft Medley (Written for my friend's MineCraft CGI Animation)- https://soundcloud.com/dariusofwest/mineknight-medley

    *= features live musicians

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    Re: Some new compositions

    Wow awesome welcome back!

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    Re: Some new compositions

    Very nice, I like very much 2. and 3.


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    Re: Some new compositions

    Wonderful music and a fantastic rendering.
    I've really enjoyed the 3 pieces.


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    Re: Some new compositions

    Excellent writing! I enjoyed all three works, especially your use of Fr. horns.

    Thanks for posting and sharing your music.


    Larry Alexander

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