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Topic: Subject for meditation

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    Subject for meditation

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    Let\'s have a look.



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    Re: Subject for meditation

    Giorgio, I can\'t get anything with that link, but I did find the following:

    LONDON (Reuters) - Banned on Wall Street and wiped off the Internet, Arab news channel al-Jazeera defended its controversial coverage of the Iraq war on Wednesday and demanded the United States come to its aid in the name of a free press.

    I\'m glad that there is still a news company brave enough to broadcast some of the more horrific realities of war. It seems that we are now blaming the messenger.

    Western news channels are trying to sanitize this war. Vietnam was curtailed, at least in part, because we saw the horrors.

    Most Western news channels seem little more than propoganda machines with more attention paid to special effects than actual reporting - outside of the UK\'s channel 4, I haven\'t seen any analysis that isn\'t just about our weapons, our strategies, and how we\'re kicking \'their\' arses.

    The BBC is a disgrace. It should be ashamed to call itself a news channel. Reporters are losing their lives out there (US friendly fire) to stand in the dark and broadcast little more then Western platitudes.

    And before people start screaming at me about how me and Saddam are pals and often chat over a few roast baby sandwiches, I believe the demise of a free press in the West is very, very sad and portends more bad things to come.

    (And yes, I am aware that the Western press is supposedly \'technically\' free - doesn\'t look free to me.)

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    Re: Subject for meditation

    This doesn\'t relate to media coverage and I may lose another star for this, but what the heck. Life\'s short right.

    Check out this link, it\'s a tragically amusing imaginary conversation. The bias is fairly obvious.


    Steve Chandler

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    Re: Subject for meditation

    Humour is always appreciated and will not lead you to lose stars.

    Seriously, though:

    1) Al Jazeera was allegedly hacked yesterday by a so-called patriot, freedom, cyber force militia
    2) The link was discontinuously working today, showing an american flag “let freedom ring”
    3) An identical image was linked to URL : http--members.networld.com-freedom2003-Index.sb
    4) Al Jazeera URL was apparently removed a couple hours ago.
    5) URL : http--members.networld.com-freedom2003-Index.sb was removed as well
    6) A spyware, detected by ad-aware, was apparently introduced by attempts to connect to the above sites.

    Subject for meditation indeed..


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    Re: Subject for meditation


    Well that has to be one of the most outrageous examples of censorship in modern times. Much as I dislike the partisan nature of Al Jazeera reporting and despise their parading of patently terrified US POWs and images of UK casualties, there is no need for this.

    Whoever is responsible has condemned themselves to the same place in history occupied by the Third Reich and sundry other repressive regimes. It seems freedom of speech is yet another casualty of this sordid little war.

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    Re: Subject for meditation

    There are also some pretty nasty examples of American (OTT) patriotism with...

    Francestinks.com and Germanystinks.com

    these websites are very popular apparently...
    Its just childish really, and doesn\'t help the situation i\'m sure.

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    Re: Subject for meditation

    Regardless of what propaganda surrounds the source of these pictures, one can\'t deny the horrific reality of this and all wars. It\'s a sad testament to mankind that we feel we must resort to the extermination of life in order to solve an argument. I think our leaders should be required to walk through the carnage a few times, so that they can fully appreciate what their decisions have wrought.

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    Re: Subject for meditation

    I found it interesting when I read an interview with a Buddhist Nun (whose name escapes me now). The nun was being interviewed by a lady who wrote a book about the injustices of corrupt government, etc.

    The interviewer started to tell the nun about how when she was on tour promoting her book, she would get so angry looking out into the crowd, with the thought of (my paraphrase) \"Wake up, people, and smell the coffee.\" or the thought of how angry she was at the government.

    Then the nun (in truly profound buddhist style) said something like \"Well, try to understand that the anger you feel is the very seed of the corruption your are condemning. These negativities are in most of us and we needn\'t isolate ourselves as the right-doers versus the wrong-doers. From moment to moment we choose to treat ourselves and other beings kindly or not.\"

    [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] No insuations or insults here. Just thought I\'d share that. It always humbles me.

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    Re: Subject for meditation


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