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Topic: 3,0 when??

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    3,0 when??

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    i see lot s of discussions about 3.0. does anyone have any idea when it may be released??
    weeks? monthes?

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    Re: 3,0 when??


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    Re: 3,0 when??

    My crystal ball is clouded..... I will check back later.....

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    Re: 3,0 when??

    Giga 3.0 is to sampling what Team Fortress 2 is to computer gaming.

    In other words....Better grab a Snickers, cause it\'s gonna be awhile.

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    Re: 3,0 when??

    I hope its worth the wait...

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: 3,0 when??

    I hope they have been paying close attention to some of the features the competition offers.
    This includes the stretch engine in the IK Sampletank program which offers something similar to what the program Melodyne does, an elastic audio concept. It would be nice to see such a feature built into GS.

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