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Topic: More Trevor Jones please...

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    More Trevor Jones please...

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    I went to the library like a week ago and picked up a soundtrack for \"Merlin\" the movie, composed by Trevor Jones. Well I have to say he is awesome. His action themes are the best I have ever heard (I actually got chills!). Anyways, can someone recommend some other good soundtracks composed by him?

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    Re: More Trevor Jones please...

    My Fav is Armaggedon! Granted I\'m not sure how much of that is 100% him because I could have sworn I saw Zimmers name on the credits on the score... Oh I know a Great older one he did--- \"Last of the Mohicans\"

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    Re: More Trevor Jones please...

    Armaggedon Trevor Rabin not Jones..right?


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    Re: More Trevor Jones please...

    my bad- yep yep

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