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Topic: The Current State Of Linux Audio

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    The Current State Of Linux Audio

    Now and then I become disenamoured of Microsoft. Like now, with the Windows 10 debacle, with MS now downloading huge files to your computer whether you want them or not. Which can be a problem for folks with slow internet, limits to their downloads, etc. MS doesn't care, they want to turn your computer into a phone. So, I look forward to the day when it will be possible to create music on Linux as easily as Windows. It is possible now of course, but our requirements on this forum are different from many, as we are classically oriented and favor notation over piano roll view.

    I've been doing some investigating, and here's what I see: While there is a DAW for Linux that is full-featured, namely Rosegarden, it is notoriously hard to work with. And I am not sure I could use my various sample libraries with it, thus having to seriously compromise my sound production. All other Linux DAWS don't have notation, as far as I can tell. There is a new professional DAW designed to work natively on Windows, Mack and Linux, "Bitwig." It too lacks notation, and appears geared to live-sound-types (it is really an offshoot of Ableton). Finally, there is Reaper. May be some potential here. With some work, it can be made to run on Linux. And there is some speculation that the devs may in future make it more Linux-friendly. And Reaper should soon have some sort of notation or staff view, it is definitely in the works.

    I have the Linux OS "Zorin" on another drive, and it works really well. Very fast, although it doesn't have the aesthetic appeal of Windows 7. No aero view, for example. But you can do everything you can do on windows with it, often better/faster. It's leaner, more streamlined. I'm pretty sure that when Windows 7 is no longer supported in 2020, I will be looking to transition completely to Linux, including my music. I don't like the direction MS is going in. Their new Privacy Policy alone is enough to keep me from anything beyond Seven. In fact, I am closing my MS accounts. I stress "am" as it is a process. Once you figure out to do it, they wait 60 days before really closing it. Once they have their hooks in you, they don't want to let go.

    The one thing we can do is advocate for software devs to make their products Linux-friendly. for example, my interface, a Steinberg UR-22, doesn't work on Linux. Supposedly you can make it work, but only a geek would be able to pull it off. All Steinberg has to do is write drivers for Linux and the problem would be solved. DAWS would be more difficult. Sonar, which is what I use (8.5 - no way I'm going pay on an ongoing basis for monthly updates that are irrelevant to my needs), will probably never run on Linux. There's just not enough money in it. At least now. that could change, if more people become disgusted with MS and migrate to Linux.

    So, that is the view as I currently see it. Just thought I'd share it and see if anyone has any thoughts on it. The computer world is going through big changes. Many of them for the worse, in my view. I do see Linux as a sort of potential savior. There is a great base to build on, but the demand must be there.
    michael diemer

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    Re: The Current State Of Linux Audio

    See in General Discussion!
    michael diemer

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