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Topic: Good sight reading/piano lesson program?

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    Good sight reading/piano lesson program?

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    Does anyone have a suggestion for teaching programs for the computer that help an intermediate player? I\'d like to strengthen my left hand playing significantly, and get better at sight reading beyond the \"Ok, we have EGBDF... so that\'s between.... G and B, so that\'s an A... do we have a sharp for this key...? Yes. Ok...\" I was getting faster at it when I was building triads in class, but that was 8 years ago.

    Get the picture? I know music theory decently, as I did take Music Theory 101 in college, but that was the only theory class I took. I\'ve already read some books that I\'ve bought on counterpoint, orchestration, harmony, etc. but alwasy get bogged down in the book when it really starts getting heavy into reading sheet music.

    I\'m just afraid that a beginner program is going to bore me to tears, as taking about 10 piano lessons also bored me. I think interactive is probably going to suit me best.

    So any suggestions here?


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    Re: Good sight reading/piano lesson program?

    Do it in front of an audience. Terror provides the kind of focus that any study plan lacks.

    Seriously, you\'d be amazed at how quickly you\'ll learn with a few pints of adrenalin as your master. I had to play backup for a jazz violinist years ago. I\'d never read chords before. I fannied around for weeks before the gigs; never quite \'getting the hang of it\'. A few nights of acute embarrassment sorted me out, sharpish. If you think about the actual things one does when reading, you\'ll see it isn\'t as crazy as it sounds: a bit extreme, yes, but it does the trick. You\'d be reading things in no time that seemed impossible to you before (and to the audience, the first few nights out).

    PS: I did it for money; another great spur.

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