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Topic: which trance libray should i get?

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    which trance libray should i get?

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    Hey since soundsOnline is having their big sale I was thinking of purchasing a few Trance type librarys. What would be some suggestions for something more melodic than industrial? If it helps some of the music I would compare what I\'m trying for is Paul Oakenfold and Orbital, and (Spell check- Ferry nation?) I\'m half tempted to just get Atmoshphere and call it a day hehehee


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    Re: which trance libray should i get?

    Atmosphere REALLY ROCKS it is so easy to use and jampacked full of awesome sounds over 3 gigs! Awesome for trance, I really enjoy the library! Ok I will calm down now, in with the good air out with the bad. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: which trance libray should i get?

    well trance is all about synths, arpeggios and drums...

    So from sounds online, drums would be only trance related stuff...

    I use Dance Mega Construction Kits...it has about 5000 loops choped in to single hits and maped in to kits...ranges from hip hop to trance.
    I find it very usefull...

    If you want construction kits with phrases and stuff...I guess there are zillion of ACIS ready trance libs there..I wouldn\'t know..


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    Re: which trance libray should i get?

    Take a look at Albino. Same sound designer that did Access Virus apparently:



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