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Topic: Bravo Bravo

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    Bravo Bravo

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    Anyone get Bravo Tv? It\'s an artsy cable channel in the states and maybe elsewhere. Watch for a repeat of \"The Music of The Red Violin\" It is a live performance. \"The Oscar®-winning soundtrack from the international hit, The Red Violin, comes alive through a remarkable performance by violinist Joshua Bell, young prodigy Christopher Koncz and the Montreal Symphony.\" Great stuff! What a score.John Corigliano make an appearance at the end.

    Also \"Music Behind The Scenes\" \"This six-part Bravo original series is an entertaining and emotional journey into one of the most crucial aspects of moviemaking — the music.\"
    The series is divided into moods/themes i.e. a show on Love and Seduction, Heroic, Suspense, ...

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    Re: Bravo Bravo

    Thanks for the tip Craig!
    I get Bravo and watch it occasionally. I\'ll definitely look out for the shows you mentioned.

    Anthony Lombardi

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    Re: Bravo Bravo

    Here\'s a link to Bravo. Click on Music Behind The Scenes. http://www.bravotv.com/More_Shows/

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    Re: Bravo Bravo

    Looks like I missed the May shows, but there a some in June still.

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