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Topic: Virginia: the next Hollywood?

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    Virginia: the next Hollywood?

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    I was checking my web site statistics for the month of May. I had 267 unique visitors from California. That was expected, as a lot of music types are in CA and like to be near LA/Hollywood. But check this out.. 299 unique visitors came from Virginia! What\'s going on here? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Virginia: the next Hollywood?

    Doesn\'t the FBI have an office there? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Virginia: the next Hollywood?

    There should be at least one unique visitor from Australia on that report too. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Virginia: the next Hollywood?

    There sure is, Scott.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] A few actually. And a ton from Europe, some from Asia, and two from Africa.

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    Re: Virginia: the next Hollywood?

    choco: Yup, Canada too [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Unique visitors for the month of May:

    North America: 1,675
    Europe: 497
    Asia: 178
    Oceania: 68
    South America: 15
    Africa: 2

    Ontario: 88
    Quebec: 34
    Alberta: 34
    British Columbia: 14
    Saskatchewan: 1
    New Brunswhick: 1

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