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Topic: OT-Laptop: Mac or PC?

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    OT-Laptop: Mac or PC?

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    I need to get a good laptop for non music use. Since I\'ll then have this additional computer, I thought I would use it in the studio as well-
    perhaps to play various softsynths, VST instruments, etc. I have been a long time Mac desktop user, but it seems like a windows laptop will save me many $$ for the same computing power. I also need to consider audio and midi interfaces as well as a VST host for the laptop.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Recommendations?


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    Re: OT-Laptop: Mac or PC?

    I recommend basing the laptop on the sequencer that you prefer. On the road (or at the coffeehouse) you can just play through whatever synth is available on the unit and do some composing. When you get home or to the studio, hook it up to your KVM and desktop/rackmount Gigarig and then hand edit with the real sounds. If you get a small USB keyboard, you can enter live tracks on the road. And don\'t forget some decent headphones.

    So, if you like Logic or DP, get the Mac. If Sonar or Cubase are your thing, go for the PC.

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