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Topic: OT: Studio Insurance

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    OT: Studio Insurance

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    My wife and I are having trouble getting anyone to insure our equipment. We live in a space zoned commercial and residential in NYC. Does anyone have any recommendations, because we\'re hitting a brick wall. They want to classify us as a recording studio and a lot of companies we call will not insure recording studios any more.


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    Re: OT: Studio Insurance

    My wife was able to insure our home studio stuff by just declaring it as \"electronics for home office\" in our renter\'s insurance policy. Does your insurer require more detailed information than that?

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    Re: OT: Studio Insurance

    Try Clarion insurance. http://www.clarionins.com/

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    Re: OT: Studio Insurance

    Hi, Devin:

    You don\'t say whether you are looking for liability or instrument and equipment insurance.

    Try: http://www.musicproinsurance.com

    They are recommended by ASCAP.

    AF of M recommends:



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    Re: OT: Studio Insurance

    Lee\'s right about being careful. I had one studio break -in some years ago in NYC. The insurance company sent an adjuster that poured over the entire floor of the building, looking for any loophole she could find. Luckily I had a total business insurance plan and they paid the full amount of the loss. But anything less than that policy would most likely have resulted in much less of a payment. It\'s even worst these days. Go full business plan if you ever expect to collect.

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    Re: OT: Studio Insurance

    Thanks everyone for the help! Seems like this is a really tough time to get some insurance for some reason or another. I\'m not an AFM member, but I\'m going to look into it. Why is it so hard to get insurance on a recording studio? Are they notorious for break-ins/generally unluckiness?


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    Re: OT: Studio Insurance

    MusicPro is the same coverage as Seabury (through the musicians\' union) and roughly the same price. The difference is that you don\'t have to be in the union for MusicPro.

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